Clusterin Human NATIVE, Human Serum

Artikelnummer: BVD-RD162034025
Artikelname: Clusterin Human NATIVE, Human Serum
Artikelnummer: BVD-RD162034025
Hersteller Artikelnummer: RD162034025
Alternativnummer: BVD-RD162034025-0.025MG,BVD-RD162034025-0.025
Hersteller: BioVendor
Kategorie: Proteine/Peptide
Applikation: WB, ELISA
Spezies Reaktivität: Human
Alternative Synonym: Apolipoprotein J, Apo J, Aging-associated gene 4 protein, AAG4, Complement cytolysis inhibitor, CLI, Complement-associated protein SP-40,40, Ku70-binding protein 1, NA1/NA2, Sulfated glycoprotein 2, SGP-2, Testosterone-repressed prostate message 2, TRPM-
UniProtKB acc. No. P10909. Protein identity confirmed by LC-MS/MS.
Clusterin Human NATIVE, Human Serum
Pubmed: 30940800
Quelle: Human serum
Expression System: Human serum
Reinheit: Purity as determined by densitometric image analysis: > 90%
Formulierung: Filtered (0.4 µm) and lyophilized from 0.5 mg/ml solution in phosphate buffered saline pH 7.5 + 5%(w/v) trehalose.
Lagerung: Store lyophilized protein at –80°C. Lyophilized protein remains stable until the expiry date when stored at –80°C. Aliquot reconstituted protein to avoid repeated freezing/thawing cycles and store at –80°C for long term storage. Reconstituted protein...
Target-Kategorie: Clusterin
Kommentar: All blood samples used for protein preparation were tested and found negative for HBsAg, anti-HCV, HIV Ag/Ab, and syphilis. Since no test can absolutely assure the absence of all infectious agents, this product should be handled as a potential...
Application Verdünnung: Add deionized water to prepare a working stock solution of approximately 0.5 mg/ml and let the lyophilized pellet dissolve completely.