osteomiR(TM) kit

Catalog Number: BVD-KT-011-OT384
Article Name: osteomiR(TM) kit
Biozol Catalog Number: BVD-KT-011-OT384
Supplier Catalog Number: KT-011-OT384
Alternative Catalog Number: BVD-KT-011-OT384-ANALYSISOF
Manufacturer: BioVendor
Category: Diagnostik
Species Reactivity: Human
Alternative Names: , osteomiR™, kit, , , , , , , , , ,
It is intended for research use only. **Each kit comprises the following components:**1. Serum RNA extraction kit containing all reagents, spin columns and collection tubes2. The RT-qPCR chemistry comprising spike-in controls, all reagents for cD
Notes: LD